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Call your Senators!
Posted By: Matt Blick in Illinois

Called Senator Dick Durbin's (IL-D) office and they weren't taking any more phone calls because they were receiving a high volume today. Hmmm... I wonder why???

Also called Senator Mark Kirk's (IL-R) office and left a message.

Let your voice be heard. For every ONE person who calls their senator, they count it as representing ONE HUNDRED citizens.


How Did Loudoun Vote?
Posted By: Dan Haecker in LOUDOUN

I was curious as to how Loudoun voters voted in the recent Presidential election.

I gathered some data and made a map to depict how Loudoun's Election Precincts voted.  Each precinct is shaded to indicate the margin of victory for the candidate, whether President Obama or Governor Romney.

Interestingly enough, had third party candidates not been a factor in the voting, enough... Read More »


Voting 2012: A Personal Essay
Posted By: Michael Farris in USA

Voting 2012: A Personal Essay

Michael Farris

This has been the most unusual election season of my life. The chief reason for the difference is my very active participation in Facebook—which has thrust me into a wide-ranging discussion (and sometimes heated debates) in a format that is very egalitarian in nature. I can only hope that I have contributed to others as... Read More »


UNIVISION - In the top tier of Hard Hitting Journalism?
Posted By: Unknown in USA

How pathetic for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, etc... That we are how many weeks from the election and the first time the President faces some tough questions on his record - from immigration to the recent failure of foreign policy throughout the middle east - comes from UNIVISION?   Really? This just helps enforce the fact that pretty much everyone but... Read More »