Welcome to Electorate.me

What would you unilaterally change, if you could?

This is a hard question for people to answer, because most of us have the good sense enough to, at least ostensibly, not want to try to govern others, which is admirable. In order to encourage you to abandon your inhibitions, let's consider the following scenario.

Malfunctions have caused catastrophes in several of America's nuclear power plants. You quickly and cleverly took some action which neutralized the threat, avoiding nationwide disaster. (The specifics don't really matter that much. Only that you managed to save hundreds of millions of lives.) In their gratitude, you are permitted to unilaterally make any changes to law you like as long as it falls roughly within the limits of the constitution, which you are also allowed to amend, if you like (e.g., effectively overturning Roe v. Wade). There is no guard rail, and nothing to prevent you from implementing misguided measures. The people might begrudge you, but then they'll remind themselves that they wouldn't be alive if not for you.

Your list can be as long or as short as you like. Your only major restriction is that your changes must be specific, and that any change that lacks specificity will be dropped. For example, "Make the rich pay their fair share" is unspecific, but "Tax capital gains as income" is specific. "Get tough with China" is unspecific, but "Raise tire tariffs one percent per month until they break their currency peg" is specific. "Return to family values" is unspecific, but "Amend the constitution to effectively overturn Roe v. Wade" is specific. "Set America on a sustainable course" is unspecific, but "Institute a carbon tax until emissions fall below Kyoto levels" is specific. 

The goal is to think about specific, fundamental changes that you would make if you could do so unilaterally.

Furthermore, you are permitted (if you like) to write a letter addressing the nation to be printed in every major newspaper worldwide. You can keep it short and simple, or write up to 5000 words. No requirements on specificity here. You can speak in generalities.

Think about it for a day or so. What would you say? What would you do/undo?