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The Humane Act

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Your grassroots movement needs more than a single leaders and a bunch of followers. Our platform lets you assign leaders at city, county, legislative district, state and national levels.


Your movement needs to meet both online and offline to be effective. Events, discussion forums, private and group messaging build your community into a movement.


Your movement has passion but effective advocacy is out of reach. Our crowdfunded advocacy tools are built right into your movement for when it's time to be heard.


Leaders + Members + Organization that works.


Real grassroots leadership is built from the ground up - it's local, it's distributed, and it works.


Real movements of real people to effect real change at any level of government. Members aren't just names on a list, they're the very heart of your movement.


All members are matched to their communities and political jurisdictions. Organization follows real borders making the connection between your members and representatives a snap.

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

- Elie Wiesel

Authentic Community.

A platform that fosters relationships - online and offline.

“I think it is elitist to think that a trained movement is more acceptable than untrained and possibly unrehearsed movements.”

- Yoko Ono

Effective Advocacy

For those who measure success with victories, effective advocacy is more than a plugin - it's a process.

1. Educate
Educating your members is the critical first step to achieving your goals. Your movement will become the go to place for information.
2. Recruit
Building your passion into a movement requires increasing your numbers. Your movement's recruiter tools make it easy.
3. Organize
Movements require structure and the built-in leadership tools align your members and leaders along lines that matter.
4. Collaborate
Getting together for meetings and events; discussing ideas, plans, and strategies; updating each other on recent developments fosters group cohesion.
5. Advocate
Coordination and leadership helps your movement speak with a consistent voice. With our crowdfunded advocacy tools, your message is delivered on time, on target, and under budget.
6. Evaluate
Continuous evaluation of your goals is essential. Dashboards, leaderboards, and progress reports give you realtime insights into the efficacy of your movement.

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